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      1. Company profile
        Shenzhen Keyuan Precision manufactured co.,ltd ( predecessor called Taiwan gezhi technology co,ltd, founded in 2003, specialized in the R&D of remote control), located in Yongqi Industrial,Lezhujiao, Xixiang street, Baoan district Shenzhen,  we are professional manufacturer of remote control which includes R&D , production ,marketing and after -sales service. meanwhile we have our own import and export right.
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        Advantages of industrial wireless remote control

        ★ saving human resourcesTo bridge crane, for example: operations, mooring, hanging unloading by one person alone...more >>

        Contact us
        Shenzhen Keyuan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd
        Tel: 0755-26735229/29569339
        Fax: 0755-23723989
        Contact person :Kathy Liu
        Phone: 0086 18603075377
        Email: Precision@keyuangd.com
        Address:  Building 2, No.80 Ditang road  Shasan community Shajing Street Baoan District Shenzhen
        Post code:518104
        Website: www.westcoasthenna.com